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Thread: Next LightWave Users Group Stream: February 4th

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    Next LightWave Users Group Stream: February 4th

    The next "LightWave Users Group" stream will be taking place on February 4th 10am – 1pm PST

    The presenter will be LightWave team member Deuce Bennett. He'll be covering both Beginner and Advanced LightWave techniques.

    For more information about the upcoming meeting and to RSVP please visit this page.

    The stream will be available on the User Group's Twitch page at:
    Ken Nign

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    oh, ken. i caught your one by chance. really cool man. thanks for doing it. i hope you do another in the future.

    can i say, i just loved how open you were to ideas and requests, pointing out to use the feedback agent.



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