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Thread: NPR Line creation test!!! Challenge

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    NPR Line creation test!!! Challenge

    I am starting a new thread to initiate a challenge. In my other thread, I was bemoaning the absence of demo/videos of good variable line using NPR in Lightwave. Feeling overly dense, I went into the DEMO Scenes that come with 2018 and looked at their line work. All well and good, except they all just used a Turbulence effect on the Taper of the lines. This does generate a nice variable line, BUT . . . not one of them showed any effort to respond to light source, in the line rendering. The Cel Shading, responds just fine to the light source, but NADA, ZIP relationship of the lines to light source. Major disappointment!!! I checked out one of RH's videos to see if I could adapt the settings to the line, working with Light Info, Item Info, even tried a Null, nothing, Normalized, piped through the Dot Product, nothing seems to work. I can make this work in Blender just fine, but it is a Post Process currently and I love the way the Lightwave does it on screen, in Real Time, which is great for artistic tweaking. No Japanese animation would be considered without a light responsive line!!
    So, .. .. here is the challenge. I am attaching a simple scene, just a sphere, graded cel shaded, on a plane, with a portal light. I am including the Object file, with the Scene file but this can be easily created on the fly by anybody, so you don't have to download the file, but my Node setup is as shown in this image.
    I will be happy to have someone demonstrate the limits of my knowledge. Newtek employees and Beta testers are welcome, as is anyone else.
    Let the challenge begin!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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