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Thread: Release Status / Known Issue listing on Downloads Page

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    Release Status / Known Issue listing on Downloads Page

    I am currently battling a few issues with my Tricaster; my natural reaction is to update to the latest version.

    However, over time, I have learned to scour the forums thoroughly before doing an update - will I need to install a new video card driver, a surprise not mentioned in the release notes? Will my SDI outputs stop working? ( )

    I am sure that Newtek does extensive, exhaustive testing of every release, but it would be nice to have multiple versions available for download, flagged with their release notes, known issues, etc. I rely on these machines as the core piece of equipment in my business, so I need to know exactly what I'm downloading, what issues may be present, etc. so that I may tailor my machine to a given week.

    This week, I need working Facebook streaming, but I don't really need SDI output. Over the weekend, I needed 4 working recording channels, but had no use for streaming. Until we can consistently get releases on which everything works as expected, we need more information on the downloads page.

    I only sortof mean any criticism here; I really, really appreciate that Newtek is always moving forward, always improving the product, always responding to bugs and feature requests. But maybe taking a page out of, say, the phone ROM world, where they keep all old versions available for download, heavily annotated, and highlight the current most stable release, as well as the "future looking" releases such as betas and release candidates.

    Right now, the update process is failing our business.
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    Thanks, I have passed your remarks back to QA, which maintains the downloads pages.
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    More information about update availability, releases notes and so on have been requested for a long time and many times from many different users, but no change yet. A customer can't even know a new software is released if he doesn't check the download page.

    Last example : Dante availability for all output chnnels in latest TC1 release > Nothing about that in the release notes.

    Don't know why Newtek is dealing with it that way, but I never got answers, and then stopped asking for a long time now.

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    I am happy to see that when downloading a new build, the folder is now called "TriCaster_Build" with current date appended. I'd prefer the actual software version number (which I usually add myself), but this is better than having all downloads called the same generic "TriCaster_Build" and not knowing which build it might be in the folder (since those aren't labeled either, hint hint).

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