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Thread: TC1 - 4k input options

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    TC1 - 4k input options

    I have a TC1 with the NC1 studio i/o module.

    Can someone please advise, will the AJA ha5-4k ( work to convert 4k HDMI to quad stream HDSDI for input into the NC1?

    Is that the sort of cheap/baseline option? What are other people doing to get 4k in?


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    I don't have the AJA HA5-4K myself, but upon getting the TC1 months ago I did my research and that's the AJA unit I had also come up with as a solution. Another option is to use a 4k capture card in a PC and convert to NDI with the NDI Connect app, and the NDI will go direct to TC1 without the NCI in the path.


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    The AHA HA5-4K has the correct specs. You need the HA5-4K set to output in Quad-Link using the Square Division Quad Split method of signal transport to get the signal into the NC1 IO operating in UHD Quad-Link input mode.
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