Hello all! My highschool's TriCaster Studio has not been working for the past two months. Our initial issue was that we could not save any recorded files, we searched everywhere and could not find them. In an attempt to fix the issue on our own, we factory reset the TriCaster. All seems to work now except that we cannot get past "Is this a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows?" We don't have the code to prove our authenticity, I asked my teacher and he could not find it anywhere. We tried to check the CD that came with the TriCaster initially for help, but all it did was tell us to go to the forums for help. We even tried calling but we were told that NewTek no longer does calls? Please help us as we have not been able to use the TriCaster for quite some time, and it's really getting in the way of our TVProduction class, as we can't do any of the "TVProduction" without it.