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    might need to translate. use chrome, rmb click, translate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gar26lw View Post

    might need to translate. use chrome, rmb click, translate.
    Itīs dangerous to start threads like this you know, there are cloudofiles lurking here

    Always nice to see friends in the cloud though I think the blog poster needs to improve on the actual hypertexturing, some techniques are a bit old and really not worth much of pursuing if you invest in
    the upcoming lightwave that will tear down some barriers for working with volumetric clouds.

    for many of the examples, he may have been better of using single instead of particles, it takes some tweakings to avoid every point or particle spherical falloff to not show do not want that ..just look at real clouds and how the volume areas..yet being bulgy, is smoothly blending in itīs shape, itīs very hard to do with particles and points by itīs nature, and especially since the blending mode is horrible in lightwave, reducing shadow amount and adding ambient light and fog may help reduce such lack of properl blending, but otherwise itīs better to go with a full single volume where the texture does All or most of the work.

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    Wow, Duolingo does work! I've been doing it for 372 days, according to my "streak", doing only one lesson a day, and I understood the entire page! I'm just excited because it's the first time I've tested it in the "real world".

    I still don't think I'd be able to speak or write it, but being able to read all that was a very pleasant and useful surprise.


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