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Thread: Multicast on V3 SDK

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    Multicast on V3 SDK

    Hello !

    Does anyone now if we can activate the multicast option of the SDK v3 on linux OS ? the AccessManager Tool is not available on Linux.

    Thanks to anyone by advance !

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    I also did not found way to use multicast on linux.
    Access Manager tool just sets key in windows registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NDI\Multicast\Send)
    Sender application read from this key params to set multicast IP and mask. Then on initial client connect
    sender app sends metadata frame with next XML:
        <stream type="vmclq" address="%s" id="%s"/>
        <stream type="vmchq" address="%s" id="%s"/>
        <stream type="amc" address="%s" id="%s"/>
    So, client can use multicast IP to receive data.
    Linux(MacOSX) library does not contain any symbols like I saw in windows dll. So, seems to me - not implemented yet.


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