The past couple weekends we've had an issue with our 440 during broadcasts of the audio becoming garbled (similar to the previously troubleshooted Tricaster issue). We would sometimes be able to exit the respective sessions when there was a break in the action. Typically the output only become garbled on one of the channels - A, so we would use the second channel only or mute audio playback. Unfortunately we ran into an issue this weekend where both channels went garbled on us. Prior to rolling anything with voiceover or on camera shots we check off air right prior to playback to ensure we are good. This time we weren't burnt by both channels going bad. Perhaps a bug similar to what was discovered in previous Tricaster versions.

Of note, we are running the latest software on the 3Play, have tried creating new sessions and the issue does still arise. Potentially looking at audio dembedders in the interim from the SDI outputs but hope is to get the audio into our board before transmission so that essentially eliminates using the embedded NDI straight to Tricaster as a workaround.

Thanks for the assistance.