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Thread: Retopo in LW

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    Retopo in LW

    I don't want to start a discussion, this post is just to communicate an idea that I hope is addressed some day. I'm currently doing some retopo of a product scan in Blender, and I find it is rather good and flexible for this sort of thing. I can't help but think that with better polygon handling in the next versions of LW that a good place to start getting modeling tool functionality into Layout would be this sort of select edges, extrude new geometry type actions, along with some knife cut ability to redirect poly-flow. Basically this is modeling anyway right. Since the new geometry engine will not be included in Modeler this would have to be a Layout function at some point. I'll leave it there.

    There's no need to respond.

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    djwaterman, have you tried using the line pen? itīs not perfect, especially how you continue a line draw from one vertex to another but itīs doable to some extent.
    you can have it conform to a background layer if you have your mesh there, make sure to double click directly without moving the mouse to continue drawing new lines from the last vertex, the lightwave team should improve that to a continuos drawing mode if possible as well.
    otherwise, as artzgo refered to, looks as a good option.

    the sketchmode might be good for viewing it all, otherwise you need to adjust the surface and maybe set a proper wireframe sketch color, unfortunately backdrop wires is a mess, I would in cases like this like to simply have a way to lock a mesh so you can work in the same layer but makeing sure you do not interact with another mesh other than snapping.


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