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Thread: Control for PTZ

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    Hopefully some Mac OSX options soon but for now this is a working great.
    Perhaps Mark from Sienna will have an answer...
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    Has anyone tried to use the PT-JOY IP Controller by PTZ Optics with the NewTek NDI cameras? I'm having trouble with the remote seeing the cameras over the closed network because ONVIF is not turned on. PTZOptics cameras have this checkbox in their network menu (off or on) but not on NewTek's version of their cams.

    Anyone able to get this new controller to work with NewTek NDI robos?

    Here's the support page from PTZOptics on getting the process going. But NewTek doesn't offer that in their menu.

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    The only method of control supported on the PTZ1 is NDI.

    I have personally tried controlling the PTZ1 using VISCA over serial and had success as well, but this method is not officially supported. As far as I'm aware there is no ONVIF protocol support on the PTZ1.
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    NDI-PTZ1 (nor really, NDI period) does not use ONVIF, so I think the controller would need to explicitly support PTZ control over NDI (or perhaps 422). Perhaps you can ask PTZOptics whether they have plans to implement this in their controller.

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