Hi Fritz,

I have the XK-12 and unlike the keys on Xkeys units, the joystick itself is not "programmable" - it appears to Windows as a regular Windows gaming joystick. Therefore, not possible to tie stick movements to any Macros in TriCaster. I have in the past installed the PTZJoy software from Rocosoft on a TriCaster, and that software then does all the PTZ control bypassing the TriCaster PTZ options altogether. PTZJoy can use a gaming joystick for input, so camera movement does work with XK-12 stick in that case, however the twist on that stick sends a non-standard signal so does NOT work for zoom control. I was able to program the IN and OUT zoom functions to keys on the XK-12 instead.

I read that there will be a remote app for Newtek NDI/HX camera that does accept input from joysticks, so sounds like the XK-12 could be used in that case...but then you might as well just use a $30 gaming stick at that point and get more control. This app will run on separate PC by the way, not TriCaster.

The joystick on the larger Control Surfaces controls the PTZ cameras very nicely! However, for Mini owners or other users without the CS joystick, what to do? Just last week I was playing with Macros and Xkeys for PTZ control in TriCaster and was finally successful. I had in the past tried and failed, but finally got it right! Was able to program PTZ movement to buttons on an Xkeys (up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out), with TWO speeds for each (second, faster speed accessed with modifier key and same control buttons). Could easily add diagonal motion as well, but ran out of time that day and am currently without a PTZ demo camera - sold it and ordered the Newtek version.

I was happy when Newtek added the "virtual joystick" in the PTZ control panel, however I'm not very good at running it and the camera goes everywhere except where intended...takes me forever just to get camera framed up to snapshot a preset, and I wouldn't dream of adjusting while "live" using that method. Often, you might go to a preset such as a podium close up and find that the subject is much taller than the person you created the preset with, so you might need to add a little bit of headroom for instance. Don't try with the virtual joystick! This is where the Xkeys shines, for small, precise movements. Yes, one can do the same thing with the standard keyboard, however - the macro that starts the camera in motion keeps the motion going until you stop it with another macro. With Xkeys, I can fire one macro when key is pressed, and another when same key is released. So hold or tap key to move camera, and it stops when key is released, great for small tweaks! I made it work on the numeric keypad, but having to press a second key to stop the motion is not good for fine control.

So on ANY Xkeys unit, one could program a bunch of PTZ presets to keys, then have other keys control motion and zoom, and even snapshot the presets after making adjustments. Here's the catch - PTZJoy software allows you to select which camera to control by pressing 1 thru 8 on keyboard (or via Xkeys), then any controller keys move that camera. With TriCaster Macros, the camera number must be part of the macro itself, so you'd need an entire set of move and zoom macros for EACH camera. I suppose one could use SHIFT, ALT, and CTRL modifiers for instance to get one set of controls on Xkeys to move 4 different cameras...but that becomes a two-handed or nimble-finger process then.

For anyone wanting to use Xkeys on TriCaster - the TC1 and any model with AE now offers native Xkeys support, which is great for "basic" plug-and-play needs, however if you prefer using MacroWorks to program Xkeys yourself to take advantage of advanced features, then you need to disable native Xkeys support in TriCaster, and that is another story!

Anyway, when I get my Newtek NDI camera, will continue experimenting with it all. Maybe I can reverse-engineer commands from the TC1 CS joystick and figure out some better macros?