I would find it more convenient if entities in Layout worked more like After Effects: static unless explicitly animated. This would allow simple placement of entities (LWO, cams, lights) with AUTOKEY on, but have them unmoving.

(This is standard operating procedure in many programs, AE and C4D conspicuously.)

Similarly, since the LWM Layers Panel is so lame, I would find it more convenient if ALL LAYERS were Hidden (ie Not Exported/eyeball off) to Layout. Since turning on HIDE LAYER (the eyeball) is not retroactive in Layout, this would mean only EXPLICITLY desired meshes would move to Layout, instead of detritus and boolean cutters having to be hidden and/or then deleted from Layout.

It'd be different if HIDE LAYER would reach into Layout and turn off a layer, but it doesn't, and is way more complicated than simply not sending it in the first place.

User defined options could make this an easy transition for current users. IOW, visibility as a default would be user defined. Another aid would be a warning if zero layers were visible when using SEND TO LAYOUT.