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Thread: GarageFarm.NET News

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    Hi guys

    A little update from our team:


    - We added support for LW 2019.0.1/0.2/0.3
    - Our plugin uses a temporary folder when preparing the scene for rendering on the farm - Now you can select the location of this folder


    - Fixed output issue with LightWave 2019 scene rendered on the 2018 version

    GPU rendering

    We have been supporting GPU rendering for quite some time with our powerful servers rented for the time of usage. After the latest update, you can work on them yourself, with the new GUI we introduced. You can check it here: Xesktop

    If you have any questions or in doubt, I will be happy to answer you here.

    You can also use the live chat on our website, where you will get an immediate response. We are online 24/7.
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