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Thread: Can you use a Live Video Feed as Live Set Background in TriCaster?

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    Question Can you use a Live Video Feed as Live Set Background in TriCaster?

    Hi, let me clarify.

    I really like the way Fox News seems like their sets have these huge windows to the streets outside their studio. The truth is, in many cases, it's simply an effect (e.g. The Kelly File).

    Is there any way one can feed a live (or even recorded) video feed to serve as background for a TriCaster set? If so, what gear from them would I need (past say TriCaster Mini with Lice Sets).

    Thanx! -Z-

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    The answer is yes and if you want to make your own set with say windows as an example, you need Virtual Set Efitor
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    If you don't have VSE, you might be able to get satisfactory results with a little creativity.

    For instance, using default 2-Layer set. Talent on "A" layer, live camera on "B" layer. But maybe you want to have a background "wall" and the live shot showing through a "window". Create the background "wall" in Photoshop. Make background image the "B" layer, then use LIVE source on "A" and position/scale to the "window" position. Now choose the live talent camera as the KEY layer, so talent appears in front of both the background wall and the live window content.

    If you have the Advanced Edition software, that provides a second Key layer, giving you a total of 4 layers, plus you then get parallax adjustments in Key layers to have them move with the set background if desired.



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    You could probably fake something using Borders, too ...
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