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Thread: Please Help Me Understand UV map maintenance

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    Please Help Me Understand UV map maintenance

    I understand the concepts of UV mapping and can do so on simple objects. But I'm struggling on how to handle more multi-part objects, so I thought maybe someone could explain why and how to do what I'm trying to do. Here is the objective. I have a model with a lot of parts, so I thought I would make each part an object on its own so it would be easier to UV. Once I created the UVs in these individual objects, I would create a new object and copy and paste all the individual objects back together into one model with one UV. However, as most of you probably know, I end up with one model with a bunch of separate UVs. This wouldn't be so bad except some UVs should really go together in one. So I have two questions

    1. What is the best way to UV a model with a lot of parts?
    2. What is the best way to consolidate two UVs into one UV? (Obviously, copy and paste doesn't do it.)


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    there should be a copy paste command in the uv map menu tab that is specific for this operation, it requires you to enter the exact name of the destination map you want to send the part you want to paste to though, most sane people gave up on LW's uv mapping tools and either bought 3D Coat or Modo which is my preference. If you intend all parts to be one map it is better to put them on the same map in the first place

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    Thanks, I tried that and it works as you stated. Never would have thought of doing copy/paste that way. Thanks again

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    It is a HUGE pain in the a**. Copy/pasting UVs over meshes is at stone age level in LW. Do it in Blender maybe.
    But you have to unweld the meshes if you want to combine them. Then re-merge. Tons of annoying Very very lame workarounds.

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    usually the only reason to put parts in different uv maps is to gain more texture resolution.

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    I am one of those masochists who uses lightwaves uv tools for everything other than complex unwrapping of organic meshes and optimal packing. I actually like them, weird as they are.

    1. Use as few uv map names as you can. Only use multiple uv maps names if you actually want multiple uv's on the same geometry. If you need a different texture on another part give it a new material instead. Separate the parts into layers while working so you don't have to see the uv's you aren't working on.
    2. Use Copy map and input the target uvmap name. If the geometry you are copying uv's on already has uv's in the target uv map you should clear them first with clear map or you will have problems . These tools should be in the edit map tools at the top of the toolbar (not in front of a computer right now so I might not have the right name for the tools) they are not in the uv specific tools they are general vertex map tools. Copy paste uv's is evil and weird and not what you need in this case.

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    Which version of LW you are using?
    In the 11.0+ or so, there was introduced ABF UV Unwrap.
    Suppose so you have ball object,
    it's single continuous mesh.
    It'll be tragedy to unwrap it, as it's continuous.
    Select half of sphere in polygon mode,
    press cut'n'paste, to disconnect them.
    Press ABF UV Unwrap.
    And you have nice and clean two halves of sphere in UV viewport.
    Press Merge Points to reverse disconnection.

    ps. By parts you meant LW parts made by "Create Part" tool, or disconnected group of polygons.. ?
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