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Thread: RH Face Rigging Tutorials... Released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelHill View Post
    For me, in win 7, just opeing the zip throught the OS it can all extract ok (though may be because I install winrar with the shell extensions)... otherwise, its done like that for a couple reasons. First, its to split the zips into equal chunks for the .z0x parts... makes it easy to diagnose if you've gotten a bad download of any part, as you can compare the byte sizes, and if one isnt the same as the rest, you know thats the part thats busted. Also, if native OS wont do it, then the tools needed are available for both windows and mac (winrar, stuffit) and both free, so no one can be locked out either.
    Makes sense....just something was slightly quirky with this archive, usually 7zip can handle anything....especially as a .zip.

    Minor inconvenience....just made me feel stupid for a few minutes

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    7zip did not work for me either. Winrar did work though.
    Gary Chike

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikega View Post
    7zip did not work for me either. Winrar did work though.
    Good to know. I should have the last two parts tonight.

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    if you are on a Mac and have Pathfinder, it will decompress the files properly.

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    Just got these last week..and I gotta say they're totally worth it. Really helps getting things to work the way I think they otta anyway. The Rigging Toolbox defiantely makes it worth it too (useful even for non riggy things).
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    Great as always!!!

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