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Thread: Spreading Lightwaves FootPrint

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    Spreading Lightwaves FootPrint

    I got this in an E Mail, maybe some of you may wish to look at it, as it could spread Lightwave's marketing footprint more

    Think you got what it takes to shine bright in this industry? Let cmiVFX help you achieve your birth right! Don't let the world push you aside when you should be lifted on their shoulders!)
    Once again, is the leader in high end visual effects training for the creative universe. We will be expanding once again, and need a lot of positions filled. If you have been doing research on new ideas, techniques, formats, etc.. there might be a long term position waiting for you! We would love to speak with you regardless of your confidence in this area. Some of our best mentors came from an uncertain path, and now lead the industry in their own respective sectors.


    1) Data Driven Design, Visuals, (Audio, Data, Paint, Other)
    • If you ever had to take data and turn it into a creative look, then your one step closer to getting work!
    • (Houdini, C4D, Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Blender, Other) HTML5 / WEBGL or others - We need to cover all areas with the latest greatest techniques, and are ready now! Apply below

    2) Character Work Series (Houdini, C4D, Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Blender, Other)
    • Modeling / UV
    • Texturing / UV
    • Sculpting
    • Rigging
    • Animation / Muscle
    • Animation / Face
    • Animation / Body aka Primary
    • Animation / FX aka dust footprints, cold air breath, etc..
    • Animation / Hair Systems
    • Animation / Clothing

    3) Digital Environments and Set Extensions
    • Creation
    • Cities (XML, GOOGLE, OTHER)
    • Extreme Sets (LARGE SCALE)
    • Destruction Solutions
    • Set Extensions (Integration Also)

    4) Design 1 (Product, Vehicle, Arch) (Houdini, C4D, Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Blender, Other)
    • Inventions
    • Hybrid Vehicles or Objects (aka Personal Helicopter / Boat)
    • other

    5) Design 2 (User Interface, Web Design, App Design)
    • App Designs (Real or Made Up Proposals wanted)
    • Website Designs for things like Renderfarms, Corporate Intranets, Project Management CMS
    (cmiVFX has UI designs in 85% of the worlds 2d, CG and VFX apps. This could lead to YOU having modern apps using your work every time its used!)

    6) Editorial / Editing / - Mainly Advanced for REGULAR, STEREOSCOPIC AND VR
    • Flame, Smoke, Mistika, Avid, Speedgrade, Scratch, etc are high end apps that support stereoscopic and VR
    • VR Editing and composting will get you to the top of the list

    7) Compositing (VR guys will get additional options available)
    • Nuke, Fusion, Flame, Mamba, Mistika, Houdini, Blender, and more qualify.
    • 2d, 3d, stereo, VR, all a plus
    • motion analisys, moblur, vecblur, optical flow retiming and reconstruction is a plus.
    • object removal, keying, retiming, masking and roto, and much more will be needed

    8) Mocha Pro Advanced User Needed ASAP
    • We will supply latest beta for the best candidate (unless your on it already)
    • Experimental VR would be a major plus, but not required

    Just because we dont list your skill in this email, doesnt mean we dont need you! We are just posting the most current things on our list above, but have plenty of other opportunities.
    Come over to cmiVFX and get yourself noticed! Stop hiding in the background and get noticed and appreciated for your efforts! We are also 100% Profit sharing, so the more you work, the more you get paid, and the more people buy, the more you get paid! If you make something awesome, you will be rewarded by your peers!

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    Yes they do seem rather slim on the Lightwave side of things, definitely could do with some content, however, it's hard to know whether the next version of Lightwave will render a tutorial obsolete, a lighting tutorial for example. I suppose modeling, UV mapping and surfacing would be safe for a while.


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