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Thread: Match Goal Oreintation Problem

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    Match Goal Oreintation Problem

    this is a rig for a cartoon giraffe I've been working on.
    If you look at the attached file you can see that as the head moves back on frame 10 the eight red bones on the top of his head slightly disconnect from the head bone.
    This is very strange because they are children of the head bone.
    The cause of the problem seem to be that match goal oreintation has been turned on for the head, so that the rotation of the head can be separated from the that of the neck.(it is now controlled by the Head_CON null)
    The only other thing to note is that the neck heirachy is part of a separate object to the body.

    In over a year of using lightwave this is the strangest problem I've come across.
    I just can't understand how these bones are drifting off from their parent. Also the eye bones don't seem to have this problem.
    Any help would be great,
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    I posted this exact same problem a few days ago. I had some help from SplineGod but I never actually found a solution to the problem or a cause to the problem (except for the fact that Match Goal Orientation has something to do with it).

    I did notice that it has something to do with nesting controls too deep. For example, in my case I had a bone chain that had two bones past the goal. The bones would disconnect from each other but if I took one bone out, it worked fine. So I managed with one less bone. Then I setup a reverse foot roll setup and it started happening again with some of the nulls in the control. It just seems like having to many things controlled by match goal does it.

    But on the other hand, I've downloaded alot of rigs that were very very similar to mine and I've never seen the problem in any of those.

    So, to sum things up, I don't know. I'm sorry.
    -Joshua Jorgensen


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