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Thread: robotic textures

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    robotic textures

    made a "robotic movements" thread earlier, and though i'd add one covering "robotic surfacing"

    so, here we go... >

    Click image for larger version. 

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    LightWave Nodes - Worn Edges

    ...feel free to add links along the way... mode >
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    not LightWave, but still interesting as a 3rd party addon to LightWave

    Blender Hard Ops - LightWave thread
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    not LightWave, and not free, but almost > $5

    Quixel - 325 Hard surface sci fi Alphas it can be used in 3DCoat / ZBrush

    might also serve as an inspiration.
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  4. #4 - Scratched Metal

    note, browse many-many more great presets at
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  5. #5 - Carbon

    more great presets at
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    Those textures are super cool!

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    though 3DsMax, most principles applies, and can be easily transferred to LightWave

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    Get Substance Painter, its the best tool. Some people like Quixel also but I just don't like the connection to PS that's required.

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    yes, posts were mostly LightWave related, but Substance Painter should be considered for sure.

    agree, Quixel being PhotoShop dependent is a minus for many of us.

    there is also 3DCoat, heard lots good about it, though i haven't used it much. (lack of time)

    hopefully 3DCoat moves towards Substance Painter a-like features.  ...we shall see.  :]

    3DCoat vs Substance
    ...some comments i gathered regarding some time back

    Dataday - September 2015
    Some how I ended up with Mari, 3D Coat and Substance Painter... out of all them, 3D Coat is my favorite when it comes to painting.

    MightyPea - September 2015
    I also own all three of those, and prefer 3dcoat.
    For me, it's partially that I do a lot of handpainted stuff, which Substance Painter doesn't really do, but even for PBR I really, really like 3DCoat.

    Skumtron - September 2015
    For sure. I've done texture painting in ZBrush, Mudbox, Substance Painter and even the new Photoshop 3D workspace and prefer 3D Coat by a mile.

    janpec1000 - September 2015
    It isnt just good, it is by far best PBR painting software if you ask me and i tried pretty much all of them. Is it worth upgrading just to have PBR painting features? YES. I love UV/retopo tools of 3d coat, i think software was worth buying before just for that, but upgrading only for PBR is defenetly worth it.
    Advantage of 3d coat PBR to Substance is performance, its much more stable, materials are loaded instantly while in substance large lybrari can be pain to load each time, it has very robust layering setup-straightforward. I needed several long tutorials to get grip on Substance, while i needed nearly 0 with 3d coat, just jumped in and that was almost it.

    arumiat - June 2015
    Additionally Painter doesn't have anywhere near the greatt feedback that 3DC gives whilst painting in my opinion. And there are even small other things like that you can't hide individual parts /submeshes of an fbx/ obj whilst working with your model in Painter (or Designer)

    Michaelgdrs - March 2015
    I am using painter as well , and to be honest , i use it mostly for the dirt effects and particles , everything else can be done in 3dc as well.

    however. those are just comments by misc users, so to be concluded with 2 grains of salt.

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    I can't really use other peoples comments as a basis for what tools to use. I use both Substance painter and 3DCoat and I'll just say that Substance Painter is amazing and getting better with frequent updates. Some of those comments don't seem like they came from someone who actually uses it. It does do hand painted stuff, you can hide geometry (through texture sets), and there's very few instances I can think of where it didn't offer real time feedback. And just like 3DCoat, it can import .lwo directly.

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    i always find comments by other people useful, but only to a certain extent, and depending.

    it was an interesting read, though maybe not too useful.

    however, what i often do is to based on these comments test the app later on and see if there is truth to it.
    it sometimes save headaches.

    sometimes. though less often than i'd like to admit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post

    I usually go with illustator for things like this and also use pathfinder to extract or add when working with shapes, then using spacing and dashed or dotted lines, you could also use the clip arts or brushes, symbols and patterns, the difference is that you can go back in and change values mostly..while in photoshop itīs a bit trickier unless using fonts symbols, illustrator also leaves it open to be saved out at any resolution.

    I would suggest take a look at the free krita, it has some nice path and curve stuff, so you can draw with symbols, brushes or a particle paint brush, it also has symmetry and caleidoscope settings.

    The free simbiont shaders may also have something of interest for robots, hereīs from the techno category, it works with 2015.3 32 bit, 64 bit unknown..

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