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Thread: TalkShow and Tricaster 40 v2

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    TalkShow and Tricaster 40 v2

    Hi all,

    i'm interested in buying a TalkShow appliance, but i'm not sure how i would connect it to the used Tricaster 40.
    Would it be over Ethernet? How's the return video coming back?

    Can anyone help out and clarify if it's possible and what the best practice would be?


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    You can use the Network output of the TalkShow to go into a TriCaster via a NET input. However, the TC40 doesn't have network output, so you would need a component video to SDI converter to get the signal back into the TalkShow. For audio you can go analog audio back into the TalkShow from your audio mixer.

    Make sure you plan out your audio workflow, you usually want a mix-minus audio return back to the TalkShow so the remote Skype user isn't getting their audio reflected back to themselves.
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