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Thread: LW 2015.3 on Win10 Th.2

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    LW 2015.3 on Win10 Th.2

    After Windows 10 Threshold 2 automatic update LW 2015.3 rendering speed and VPR dropped down to unusable slow speed.
    I tried everything: delete configs, complete re-install, various compatibility modes. Nothing worked.

    Luckily i have a clone of system HDD previous version of Win 10 where LW works just fine. But it's not for long, Windows 10 doesn't ask permissions for update

    Does everyone have similar experience?
    Maybe there is some solution?

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    No problem so far with W10 for me, a wild guess is that you have some problems with video drivers (not compatible with the update in some way), sounds like OpenGL is going for software drivers.

    Does the Help/About OpenGL say anything ?
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    No problem for me. Try force checking the driver updates and restart the computer a few times ...

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    Thanks for feedback.
    Good to know it is not W10 problem.


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