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Thread: Showreel, Showreel, SHOWREEL

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    Showreel, Showreel, SHOWREEL

    First a confession. I <3
    Second: I am very excited and serious about this post.

    After lots of work and asking others about their idea on showreel, I still believe it is a huge challenge for everyone regardless of him/her being experienced or beginner to make a nice and acceptable showreel. So I came with a couple of brilliant ideas or ,at least, I think they are brilliant. please feel free to say they are just stupid statements.

    First and foremost, instead of collecting our works and trying to find a BG music that matches the reel why don't we do the reversed one? (we=those people who don't have good showreel yet). why don't we first choose the music and then try to collect/adjust or even make sth for that piece to matches the space of the works?

    Another thought is to make cooperation on this area. we can announce our readiness and start to put works together from different users. imagine a showreel with collaborators from around the globe. no need to be a huge team, maybe 5 or 6 person to make a 2 min long reel.

    Check this one, we can ask some experienced LWer to be the judge and supervise or edit the final results. I have no doubt that Greenlaw or Spherical , for example, will accept to be that person.

    I say it again that I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING but sadly I don't like what I get. I also have no doubt that I will proceed on my path to become a super successful LightWaver.

    there are more thoughts to come. stay tuned please.

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    You can't go wrong with techno music and lens flares, lots of lens flares.
    Humans are pretty much monkeys with car keys.


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