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Thread: Lightwave, Wikipedia and Youtube

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    Lightwave, Wikipedia and Youtube

    I found this very informative page via post by gentlemen promethuse and Reco.

    The thing is that in lightwave page at Wikipedia this movie is not listed. I thought maybe it is a good idea for someone to enrich Lightwave page of Wikipedia by adding this and other materials bec Wikipedia ,imo, is probably the most important site for beginners to be informed on any subject.

    Also the backstage film shown in this site could be an awesome video in youtube though it is a little dated. I don't think that there are so many films in youtube that shows lightwave being employed to make exciting movies and vfx.

    Just an opinion.

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    Flash is a great film studio, i worked there when they were finishing up that movie,
    the movie they worked on after that was red planet with carrie ann moss

    i learned basic digitalfusion from ken stranahan =)
    [url][/u-- rl]


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