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Thread: I'd like to try babylon 5 explosion

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    I'd like to try babylon 5 explosion

    Dear Friends:

    I have never made an explosion using lightwave 3d, but I watched a couple videos and read a few tutorials that teach how to do it.
    I have all tutorials still here, waiting for the right time to do them.
    I just finished watching the final episode of babylon 5 (season 5, disc 6) and completely loved the end, when the babylon 5 station explodes.
    I decided to try my hand at this, to make the b5 station explode, just for fun and to increase my skills.
    I have the complete babylon 5 station (from the light rom collection) and pyromania cd's with explosion footage.
    I will try to make my own explosion, using the before mentioned objects.
    What do you think ?
    -Mobilis In Mobile-

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    Just do it! Bring on the boom.
    Heavy Metal Landing

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