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Thread: LightWave Preset Scene * for building

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    LightWave Preset Scene * for building

    Say hello to the new preset default surface model , kindly donated by Roy Kong you can download the scene file here >>> Scene Download

    so how can you help ?
    we have reduced the frame size and sampling to reduce render times 1-2 mins * the frame size is 1200 x 600 which displays perfect in the new site.

    if you could kindly grab the scene create a preset & f9 that bad boy and link it here we can quickly create a decent preset browser / database.

    notes about the scene:

    regarding the scene , scale is an issue so you may want to use nodes , also feel free to update the background image as long as the main variables stay the same ie lighting, camera position & model... cooliest background made will be made the default ... it's WIP and a long road but I suppose it's a start and lets not forget Preset Central ....

    if you need help with presets see here


    Please feel free to share and tweak the scene and make it more efficient.

    Octane Render Presets : Kohap Creative also created a small collection of Octane Render for LightWave Presets you can download them here Download Presets for Octane

    how the presets will display in LightWiki ... * still working on the site however presets get displayed like so...

    Cheers Steph
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