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    Angry layers

    As some of you know, I am new to lightwave, and I have recently run into an issue with layers, I thought I had them down, but I guess I am missing something. This is how I understand them.

    I can create an object, then set it as a background layer, and add in a new section to it on another layer. I can name these individual layers, and when I bring the completed object into layout, I can texture these individual parts, via the name I have assigned them.

    BUT, somehow I lost all my layers.. I'll explain:

    I have been working an a 3 section mechanical device. Base, mid and top section. I began working on the base. I would make part of it, then add it to the background layer, then add in another section to it (coverplates etc) then add in another section (bolts etc).. all on different layers. these layers would be named. then I would flatten the layers, bring the object into layout and render a preview of my work. But for some reason, at some point, I lost all my layers when I brought the object into layout. It is simply one big object with one name assigned to it.

    Now I thought it may have been when I flattend the layers, but it was not, because I went back to a previously saved section to check it out.

    What did I do to cause this?

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    hmmm did you say you flatten the layers? how could you still have several layers if you flatten them?

    Don't flatten them but leave them as they are, then save your object. import your object in layout and open the scene editor you should be able to select any of the layers and parent them so you can have control over the whole thing without having to shift-select each layer. Hope that's the key to your problem


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