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Thread: Tracking points >> geometry: wrong path? workflow?

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    Tracking points >> geometry: wrong path? workflow?

    Even though I have a suspicion I'm barking up the wrong tree, I'll ask anyway:

    Is there a viable workflow for translating AE camera tracking points to meshes?
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    The ability to send things to LW might be built in now.

    Page 198 in the 11.6 Addendum has the answer.
    Once taken to After Effects and modified, you can send the camera and reference nulls back to
    LightWave using the File > Export > Send Selected Layer to LightWave 3D menu item. Make sure you
    have the After Effects camera selected for this to work. LightWave will appear with a camera with
    a baked motion path. You can repeat the same operation with reference nulls if you have any. Be
    aware that as of this time, only one item at a time can be sent.
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