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Thread: Has anyone seen Ricoh's Theta 360° Camera

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    Has anyone seen Ricoh's Theta 360° Camera

    Might be an interesting way to get some 360° environments?
    It's quite expensive, the pixel resolution could be higher and the lenses are pretty small but it could be a lot of fun.

    Have a look:

    Here's a review I found:

    I'd be curious as to what you guys made of this.

    Cheers all.

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    It's a neat camera. But I think you've pointed out the obvious issues for great 3D use. The quality is...cough..cough..horrible. I looked at several of the "samples" and was not impressed. It could be a great thing for $79. But for $399 it seems way over priced for quality.

    However if you have the money and want a real quick snap of an environment, this may be it. I'm not sure of any others like it. For real estate it could be great, the quality again is not up to par, but could be shared quickly by a non-tech person for a house tour of sorts.

    There are some great tools that help "stich" images together and you don't have to have pano-heads, large tripods etc..etc.. You can snap 10-15 photos and then stick afterwards and get a much higher quality image that way with a decent point and shoot. The down side is you have to do the post work (which is mainly done by software, point and click on your end)

    Cool find though. Love tech stuff!

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    You can use a Camalapse 3, a mirror ball, an lens fisheye type, Microsoft Photosynth, etc...

    But there are options better it is


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