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Thread: Exporting/Importing from LW to Max

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    Exporting/Importing from LW to Max

    Hey i was wondering how to export outta lightwave into 3d studio max.. when i save the file as a .3ds in lw it gives me an error that i have more then 3 vertacies or somthing or other.
    Help is appreciated

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    3ds files cannot read quad polys, so you need to triple it first.

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    You best bet is to NOT triple and to NOT export out of LW in .3DS file format,,,, instead, go to THIS SITE and get the LWO2MAX imort plugin. This way you can bring in a lwo file quads and all and use MAX's native triple, mesh smooth or whatever you may need

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    We usually use *.obj WaveFront format. It works pretty well with MAX (I am not sure, but I think you need a 3rd-party plugin for MAX).

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    Now what did you go and get MAX for! I have allways used 5.5. lwo for exporting, try getting a Max exporter from flay so that LW can go straigt to max, probably work better too


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    Another solution would be to export as .dxf. I used this quite a bit before i got the lwo import plugin mentioned earlier in the thread.

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    Have you tried Polytrans?
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