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Thread: Surface displacement affecting particles emitted

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    Surface displacement affecting particles emitted

    How could I make particles emitted by an object to be affected by the surface displacement ? The particles have no movement just must follow the displacement. I guess it's easy but not sure how to do that

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    I thought we discussed this in another thread?
    Anyway, always calculate your hit the calculate button, now this will cause the particles to be affected by the displacement, and since the particles have weight and velocity ..they will shoot and fly everywhere..and
    if you try to reduce motion in the particles motion properties, it will not follow the displacements properly.

    So I would suggest not using particles at all if you want particle style hv blobs on the surface, instead..add hypervoxels directly on the displaced geometrys vertices, you can use procedural textures on the hv density
    channel o hv particle size to give different hv look or to determine where the hv blobs shows.



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