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Thread: Why is my reflection blurring so speckly?

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    Why is my reflection blurring so speckly?

    I want a slightly blurry reflection but when I turn reflection blurring on it makes it look speckly. Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!

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    Up the shading samples in the render tab of the render globals pannel.

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    And/or increase your max samples.

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    I've found that if you create a copy of your texture environment and really blur it and then use the blurred version as your spherical reflection image you can get a noise free blurry reflection.

    It's not quite right as any actual item that's reflected comes out quite sharp, but on the whole it looks good.

    Top tube = reflection, no blur.
    middle tube = reflection with 15% blur.
    bottom tube = spherical reflection map(blurred environment texture map) + raytrace.

    No of samples 32.

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