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Thread: just a LightWave UI color sceme...

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    Inserting a Color Scheme, Layout

    StateButtonColor 85 93 111
    DragButtonColor 85 93 111
    DialogButtonColor 85 93 111
    ActionButtonColor 85 93 111
    ToolButtonColor 85 93 111
    ButtonSelectedText 255 207 62
    ButtonSelectedColor 49 65 97
    WindowBackgroundColor 55 58 64
    GridColor 51 53 59
    AxesColor 38 39 45
    BackgroundColor 0 0 0
    ViewportBackgroundColor 65 68 77
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Matt, any idea why the Button splash doesn't work?
    Not sure, I would have to check. I never used it myself because it never worked 100% from when it was included. I would rather take the option out, same with the background splash. I don't think they really add anything to the UI, at least not the way they were done.
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    it seems some like the background splash, so maybe keep it. (doesn't hurt i guess)
    for the button splash, yeah, if it's not a 1-2-3-fixed thing i'd just remove it...
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    Agreed not really much point to the button splash, background can be useful. What i would really like is the ability to use an image as a watermark in the render options overlay. Is there a way to do this to watermark ones work without doing it in post.
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    Pretty The only thing I've ever done is change the background colour in Modeler to be a few shades lighter (or was it darker? Damn I can't remember...) so I could actually see what I was doing (stupid buggy eyes had trouble discerning the difference between the Default colour and the original background).

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