I found some weird things in MDD Multi-Loader:

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If you use a subpatched object with the MDD Multi-Loader it has a strange method to determine the point count of the object. Itīs using the Display Sub Patch Level to count the points. In my opinion this is twice false: If you use the Sub Patch Level at all, you have to use the Render Sub Patch Level. But since MDD Multi-Loader nothing else does as adding a MDD Reader in the Deform Tab it should look at the Subdivision Order of the object to see if itīs subdivided before or after the MDD Reader.

It seems that Random Frame Offset doesnīt work in 11.6 at all (maybe a bug?).
In any case the way you can choose Frame Offset and Co isnīt very good.

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How do I INDIVIDUALLY offset the start frame of multiple MDDs assigned to different objects in the MDD-Multi-Loader plugin (LW 11.5.1)?

I can certainly set the Frame Offset field in the plugin, BUT it seems to be a GLOBAL setting, because it STAYS THE SAME when selecting each object! I NEED to change it for each object....
Again, since MDD Multi-Loader nothing else does as adding a MDD Reader, it should lighten the setup process. We should have the possibility to choose settings individual or global (maybe a switch for each setting).