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Thread: Lightwave model to After Effects

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    Lightwave model to After Effects

    This has probably been asked a million times, but I couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere on the forums. Is there any way to export an object from Modeler and import it into After Effects as a 3D file?

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    Thanks, but I was looking for a way to deliver a 3d object file to a client so they could import into AfterEffects without requiring them to purchase any additional software.

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    With After Effects CC, there is a lite version of Cinema4D. You can actually load lwo into Cinema4D. You may have to bake the textures in Lightwave because Cinema4D does not always bring Lightwave textures in correctly.

    You can open Cineware in After Effects CC and import your lwo.

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    The short answer is no for all but the latest version of AE. The latest Creative Cloud version comes with a lite version of C4D.

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