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Thread: A few things I would like to see

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    A few things I would like to see

    I haven't used the TC much since I rent my a TC 455most of the time until business picks up but here are some features I'd like to say that would make buying a TC a no brainer for me over other switchers.

    Features I'd like to see on a new tricaster Hello. Didn’t know where to send this so I thought I would send it here. There are a few things I’d like to see on a new version of a Tricaster that would make my decision to buy one over another product much easier. More aux outs for video. One isn’t enough. Look at the options you have with the Atem or Broadcast pix. It would be great if we could send any source, internal or external to the auxs. A black button like a traditional switcher, colourbar button. I am not sure if has it now since I only rent but a 16x9 and a 4x3 safe title display on/off. The ability to configure the multi view to create a window more specific to your show. The ability to shut off audio monitoring when using HDMI out for a second display. And finally more inputs. I think 10-12 HDSDI would really be great. I know there prob won’t be any vga or DVI since you are trying to you use your network workflow I just haven’t found it that reliable in the past.

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    Since you are asking for more inputs, that kind of puts you in the category of the TC8000. It does have some of the features you are asking for already.

    "More aux outs for video."
    TC8000 has two fully configurable outputs, plus the third SDI output and video HDMI can be separately configured to show any external source.

    "A black button like a traditional switcher, colourbar button."
    TC8000 does have a black button, and a color bars still image is included to load into a media player (that image is included today on your TC455).

    "safe title display on/off."
    This option is available on the TC8000.

    "ability to configure the multi view"
    The TC8000 multiview is much more configurable than other TC models. You have multiple layouts to choose from and each 'video window' can be individually configured for what you want it to display.

    "The ability to shut off audio monitoring when using HDMI out for a second display."
    I'm assuming you are saying not to have audio go out of the HDMI output, but still the SDI? It can be done on the TC8000 to some degree, you do have the ability to choose what audio goes out of each output, you have to assign something so you could assign an unused audio input to go with HDMI to get no audio.

    "And finally more inputs. I think 10-12 HDSDI would really be great".
    You get 8 SDI/HD-SDI inputs on the TC8000, along with two network inputs than can handle key+fill. Not quite 10 to 12, but closer. There is also Grass Valley and BMD video router support, so you could 'swap' camera during a production if that works for you.

    I do realize you are looking for some of these features on the TC455 as is, so don't take my 'get a TC8000' as 'See we have it' kind of answer, but as information to let you know if you are looking for more inputs along with these extra features, we do have a solution that address most of what you are asking for. Otherwise, we can cross our fingers and see what our developer gurus come up with for the future.
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    It sounds like I just need to save up for a 8000 since I can't rent one lol. With the HDMI audio monitoring I meant on screen. We were going to feed a tv with it and noticed that audio levels showed.

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    FWIW, 40 and 855 do have black buttons on the UI and CS.

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    If VU metersappear on either a full-screen single source Multiview layout or the separate HDMI output (when present) in any current software version, it's a bug. Well, in 8000 VUs may be optional for Multiview viewports, but apart from that ....
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