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Thread: 1:1000th Scale Tokyo + 3D Projection Mapping

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    1:1000th Scale Tokyo + 3D Projection Mapping

    This was the "video of the day" in hardocp today:

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    that is some crazy *stuff* going on there! Any idea how they did it?
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    The light is just projected onto a 3d model > projected onto the real model.

    There is so much work in these large physical models that they don't need any extra help with a lighting circus.

    I built a third of this one. 1:2000 scale. It took 3 of us 4 months to build it. To a good level of detail for the scale. All by hand as well.
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    I don't know the hows or whys of light projection mapping but presumably there would exist a digital 3D model where all the elaborate light patterns are planned out and designed, I don't know how all the different planes of the model receive the correct light, multiple projectors? I've seen this on real buildings but doing a whole city (even a model) takes it to a new level of complexity.


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