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Thread: Lightwave 3party - LWO 3DViewers

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    Lightwave 3party - LWO 3DViewers

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    I tried out Karelse 3dViewer... it works okay, but is a bit on the slow side at least on my computer. I wouldn't use it to view bulk files, but if you prefer having a 3d rotational preview rather than a static image, it makes a good basic and lightweight tool (only 2 meg download).

    I have not tried the other 2 free links provided yet. Thanks for the plugs Erikals!
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    I tried out BCview, this is a lot closer to something quite usable and is much faster than 3dviewer! Some subpatched objects on my end would not display properly, but most did. NOTE: you can toggle the interface by pressing f1 thru f3. The program's translation is a bit on the sloppy side, some options are hard to decipher.

    TIP: Turning off textures will allow you to cycle through most models very quickly.

    Also, chances are quite good that I could somewhat integrate this program into Lightwave using Autohotkey. I can't wait to do some experimentation here.

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    hm, you might very well have a slow computer, i have a stone-age graphics card installed over here... GeForce 8400GS
    > though, my CPU is an i7 3.0 GHz...

    it rotates a Box with 100000 polys realtime in 3DViewer. Name:  lightning.gif
Views: 527
Size:  93 Bytes
    a problem in BCview is that i get, "exceeded limit of # of polygons"

    testing, having one of the viewers to the right of the Layout Open window
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    a problem in BCview is that i get, "exceeded limit of # of polygons"
    You can change the poly limit in BCView, its labeled "Poly Limit" in the f1 menu. I suppose since the program is so old the poly limit is initially set very low.

    I'll compare the two programs when I upgrade my system... I'll be glad to get rid of this athlon II dual core and upgrade to win 7/8 and I will be doing that soon.

    Also, update on my progress for integration:

    -I can make AHK detect the filepath of whatever the user has selected. This path is what will be used to automatically update the displayed model as the user browses through models to open. The trick though is that both of these programs do the open action the same way: either through an "open dialogue" or "drag-n-drop" methods... the trick will be emulating the drag and drop action through sending a command rather than an actual user action so that the user can browse and view without interruption.

    -The way it would work is that the user would replace their shortcut with one that launches not only Lightwave, but a hidden activator program that looks for the save/open dialogues... if they open, the viewer appears and attaches itself to the right side of the window. When Lightwave closes (or crashes), the activator program closes itself as well.
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    So what's the best one?

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    imo, 3DViewer, as it opens many formats, and can browse a directory.
    slow computers seems to dislike it though, so my next choice would be BCviewer.

    actually, come to think of it, it's a close match, as BCviewer can show SubP...
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    Thanks all. I am hoping for a Mac browser, similar to Adobe Bridge :-)

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    If you pay for the upgrade, it does a pretty nice job of converting formats.

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    I simply use Cinema 4D. . . built in Content Browser! (added extra)

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    ain't got the cash :] and ain't my cup of coffee
    that's good though, hope for NT to copy it...
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    Just found a new one, K3D LightWave Object Viewer, Supports SubPatch
    also, Open Source for anyone that wants to play with it  :]

    (do note, that .Net is required to run)

    big thanks to Kevin Roast

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