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Thread: New LWCAD Presets available in 3rd iteration of preset pack for LWCAD 4.5

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    New LWCAD Presets available in 3rd iteration of preset pack for LWCAD 4.5

    Hello LWCAD users, I have updated my presets for the newest LWCAD version 4.5. Most new additons are in the form of furniture and element types which are new additions to shape library in LWCAD 4.5. But I have also recreated all of my older presets to ensure compatability with newest version, updated them with newer LWCAD features (fixed intervals, tool rectangle for user in win/door layer system, as well as some use of the new fence pattern tool), and have also eliminated some redundant preset types. With new additons and removal of some older presets, new library currently stands at 749 presets.

    Because I had a limited amount of time to prepare new library for LWCAD 4.5 release, I am planning on providing a free update in another few months (end of April-ish) with additional content, hopefully guided primarily by good user feedback (thats you). If you have suggestions for types of presets you would like to see, I would love to hear your suggestions and ideas. Please drop me an email at [email protected] or you can send me private message here on the NT forums. Until I provide the free update in a few months, the cost of the presets will be $40. After that point cost will be $50. Upgrading from a previous version in either case will be $32. If you have purchased presets from me since December 1st of last year, there is no charge for this new update and you should be receiving the presets within a day or two.

    As far as updates to come, I'm focusing on the new furniture and element types, but I'm open to all suggestions. I have some tutorials in the works too, same goes with those, if you have tutorials you would like to see (on LW or LWCAD), let me know.

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    Cheers for the update Steve ! Can't wait to take 4.5 + new presets for a spin. You've saved me hours of work with these !


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