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Thread: I might be stupid but...

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    I might be stupid but...

    Hi all,

    Since 11.5 I've started getting back into Layout, I mainly use Modo these days for most tasks, but Genoma and Camera Matching has really upped my interest.

    However, I successfully did a camera match and added a character which can be seen below :-

    Here's the dilemma, I went to apply a Genoma Rig to the character and it said that I have to have one object in the scene. You would think this would be simple but I can't fathom it, now if I trash the scene, the nulls and parented camera to match the video. How would I get it all back? I need the null so I know where to place objects!

    Furthermore, I thought I'd rig the character and then export the rig, load the scene and import the rig, that wasn't easy either, I had a few errors going down this route. Has anyone managed to do a successful character with tracked camera???

    I'd love to hear your thoughts Maybe I am being dumb...
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    Do the character in its own scene... then do load from scene to get it into the tracked scene (or the other way round).
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    Sounds so simple when you put it that way! I will definitely try and update when/if I succeed. Been a long time since I've used LW in anger.

    Thanks RebelHill
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    Couldn't resist a break from what I was doing, it worked a treat, thanks Rebel
    Scott Martin NOT Martin Scott

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