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Thread: The 'Brudders 2' Production Log (Well, sort of...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenlaw View Post
    iPi Mocap Studio 4 is out!

    Some highlights:

    • Real-time tracking with depth sensors for live preview
    • Individual body parts tracking for post-processing
    • Support for new sensors: Intel RealSense D415 / D435, Asus Xtion2, Orbbec Astra / Astra Pro
    • Support for action cameras like GoPro and SJCAM
    • Ability to sync unsynchronized videos and convert to .iPiVideo format
    • Introducing perpetual license model

    The perpetual license is $695 for Basic, which supports 2 depth sensors or up to 6 RGB cameras; or $1995 for Pro, which supports 4 depth sensors and up to 16 RGB cameras.

    The new realtime capture is currently for a single sensor and mainly intended for trial captures. For final quality captures you'll still want to use the post-capture tracker. This feature will make it easier to practice a performance and figure out what works best before going through the whole tracking process. iPi Soft is adding realtime support multiple sensors later this year.

    Individual limb tracking sounds cool. Let's say you got your performance tracked almost perfectly but want to change what you're doing with the arms. This feature will let you record a new performance for the arms, and replace the arms animation without having to re-track the rest of the body.

    I have one GoPro camera but I'm not buying additional GoPros, so I'm not going to be testing that. However, another user pointed me to a number of low-cost sport cameras out there ($40 or so) which may be suitable for Mocap Studio (TBD.) The appeal about sports cameras is being able to record at 120 fps. I'm not planning to buy new gear this year but this is on my mind right now.

    Anyway, I have a small project I need to finish first but after I'm done with that, I'll put time into testing iPi Mocap Studio 4 and write about it here.

    HAH! so they are going back to support perpetual license! 

    However, another user pointed me to a number of low-cost sport cameras out there ($40 or so) which may be suitable for Mocap Studio (TBD.) The appeal about sports cameras is being able to record at 120 fps. I'm not planning to buy new gear this year but this is on my mind right now.
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    Yes, they're offering both, perpetual or rental.

    Since the perpetual license comes with two years of support and updates, it costs a little more than renting for the first two years. The main difference is, while you pay more up front, at the end of two years, you still have your license. Of course, if there's a major upgrade after that time, you'll have to pay. Don't know what the upgrade cost will be then but that's obviously a ways off. Either way, it's nice to have options.

    BTW, somebody posted a tip that if you disable paging, the software performs better. It already works fine with my Wacom mobile computer and my new workstation without system changes, but I might try that with my daughter's laptop and see if I can add a third Kinect 2 to the mix. Also, I might have one more iPi-capable computer soon: my old workstation died several months ago, but I'm thinking of getting a barebones system with a new motherboard and CPU and transfer all the good bits from the old box.

    Maybe I'll finally get to try a quad-Kinect setup later this year.

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    Sorry, no recent news for my own projects but this news made my day:

    iPi Recorder ver., Feb 5, 2019

    N E W F E A T U R E S:

    - Support for multiple Kinects v2 on a single PC. See details in docs.
    - Support for multiple ASUS Xtion2 on a single PC. Also, it does not conflict with Kinect v2 anymore.
    - Selectively enable support for various camera types in Camera Types panel. Some camera types have conflicts in runtime, and this capability allows to resolve such issues by disabling unused camera types.
    - Add Controller button changed to Add Device. Dropdown now includes all supported camera types to quickly enable support and obtain installation/connection instructions. Items for motion controllers behave as previously — run pairing wizard.
    - Preserving audio when converting regular video files to .iPiVideo format.
    - Added Sync by Flash button to the ribbon of Video Builder. It automatically detects flashes in all videos and attempts to synchronize them based on that data.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Add-Device-Kinect2-multiple.png 
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ID:	144021

    This is a big deal because previously you could only use a single Kinect 2 for each computer on the network. This was a Microsoft imposed limitation but the ipi guys have figured out a way around this. Now that I have two workstation class computers to work with at home, I'm going to try multiple Kinect 2 sensors on each for a total of 4 sensors.

    Will post how that goes in the near future.

    In the 'not so new news but still pretty cool' department: I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but iPi is now compatible with action cameras like the GoPro and cheaper 'knock offs'. I haven't tried this because I only have a single action camera but it sounds promising for getting higher frame rates. (Edit: I just saw that I did mention it in my recent posts, so...never mind.)

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    Woo-hoo! FINALLY...I got both Kinect 2 sensors running on a single desktop workstation.

    As shown above test, both sensors are maintaining the max 30fps on a single computer. One Kinect 2 sensor is plugged into a USB 3 port on the motherboard and a second one is connected to a USB 3 port into a PCIe controller on the same computer. This PCIe card is my old USB 3 controller card with the NEC Renesas chipset. The onboard USB 3 controller has the Intel chipset.

    Note: The Intel and NEC Renesas USB 3 chipsets are recommended for Kinect 2. Be aware that that newer USB 3.1 controllers tend to have the ASMedia chipset which is NOT compatible with Kinect 2, so be sure to check the specs online before buying. If you shop carefully, there are some USB 3.1 cards with NEC Renesas. (Even though I don't need a 3.1 card for this purpose, it is a much faster card.)

    So, in theory, it appears I may soon have a total of 4 Kinect 2 sensors up and running since I can additionally run 1 sensor on the new laptop and 1 sensor on my old tablet computer. (Maybe...I'm not sure the tablet was able to maintain 30fps with the RGB video stream required for Maglite calibration.) I'll post more info when I find time to perform a complete capture test.

    User Tips:

    Attach the sensors one at a time after you launch Recorder 4. If you attach them both before launching Recorder, it might not pick up the second sensor. I think the issue is that, even though iPi Recorder can see two Kinect 2 sensors on one computer, Windows 10 itself doesn't know what to do with the second sensor, so you need to be sure Recorder is running first.

    As mentioned in the docs, you'll want to disable Autoplay. At first, I thought I could set each sensor to 'Take no action', but Windows kept re-scanning for them for some reason. Finally, I disabled Autoplay completely, which is probably okay since I always found this feature pretty annoying.

    Followup on using dual Kinect 2 sensor on my laptop workstation: I was able to get two Kinect 2 sensors running there but the second one had trouble maintaining a suitable framerate. This was expected since the laptop only has a single USB 3 controller. Then last week I noticed the laptop has a ExpressCard slot, so I picked up a USB 3 Expresscard and plugged a second Kinect 2 sensor there. This worked slightly better but the framerate still wasn't good enough. Oh, well. The laptop works fine with one sensor including the RGB stream so it's still all good.

    When I have time, I'll try distributed motion capture across our network between the three computers. I suspect I'll get 3 Kinect 2 running in sync with depth and RGB data, and 4 if I'm very lucky.

    Stay tuned!

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    is this with iPi Basic ? - $695
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