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Thread: (newbie) VIPER Question

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    Question (newbie) VIPER Question

    stupid question, I think, but I can't get anything but black when i render in VIPER. And it says 95% of the time:

    VIPER contains no surface data to render.
    Please make sure VIPER is enabled in Render Options and then render an image.

    Well, VIPER IS what gives?

    Thanks guys

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    you have to render a frame first with VIPER activated. press F9 to render a frame. also, make sure that you have your surface editor opened as well (if you are editing surfaces).
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    Also, after you do a render (F9), Viper may still not update. If that happens, tweak a setting for your surface a little, i.e. change Specularity by 1% and then back; Viper should update then.


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