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Thread: Lightwave <> Unity rig issues

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    Lightwave <> Unity rig issues


    We are having a strange issue with the way Unity calculates lighting on Lightwave FBXs. Regardless if we use the interchange or not, if the model we are importing has a rig on it. the Unity lights the model from the opposite side.

    Here is an example:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	whaleinversion.jpg 
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    As you can see, the light is pointing at the top of the model and the "Belly" is being lit.

    Now, the rig that is put into the whale is extremely simple. It is just 2 joints, rested, with no weights. Other that moving the tip joint foward in the z, nothing has been done to the bones. The two whales represent a whale made using the fbx exported in Lightwave, and the other was converted using the Unity <> Lightwave interchange. The model itself only has a base texture, no UVs. We first noticed this on a UVed model.

    Here is an example of the testing scene.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LightwaveTestscene.jpg 
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    Is there a step I am skipping in setting up the model, or do I need to invert how the model is calculating lights from lightwave. We do not want to use the import settings set to Calculate/Calculate in Unity 3D. If possible we would like the normals to come out correctly.

    The model lights correctly if it is exported without a rig.



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    I had the same problem two weeks ago with car model imported in Unity. Without any bones of course.
    I always export from Layout. Interchange - too big mess in project.
    Problem was in surface. In LW i played with specular value during modeling.
    Try this:
    1.Set up a specular value different from 0% in Layout, in surface.
    2.Export to Unity
    3.Set up a specular on 0% in Layout, in surface.
    4.Export to Unity. (Overwrite file)
    In my case it helped.
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    Thanks MarcusM!

    We'll give it a try.

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    In print screen i can see LightWave 11.0
    In later version, if i good remember, was some changes in fbx exporter. (11.2)

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