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Thread: Pleased with Newtek customer service

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    Pleased with Newtek customer service

    I m very happy with the Newtek customer service.
    I had an issue on one of my lw 11 licence on my personal page and they fixed it instantly and I'm pleased that with the new website
    everything is so well organized when you go in your personal area . Also purchasing the LW11+poser procedure was very clear and I didn't had any
    problem for the Vat invoice following the instruction the customer people gave me..

    That's tha kind of service I was expecting from Newtek and now we have it!

    Hope this is the tip of the iceberg of the new lightwavetrend..
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    I do have to agree, that NT customer service is really pretty good. Actually the best I've experienced amongst their software peers.

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    Agreed. Good service and diligent.
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    I have to chime and give kudos to the Bug report guys. I've only used Fogbugz twice and both times the issues were identified and resolved within hours. Today, I had a scene that wasn't rendering right but looked okay in VPR. Within an hour the issue was identified: 2-point poly issue that the Bug Report person was nice enough to correct and send me the updated model.


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