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Thread: Control surface improvements

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    Control surface improvements

    I would like to see the USB cable be of the industrial variety and locking too! To better facilitate this request, the TriCasters need to supply power to the USB connection so as not not to limit the USB cable length to 6 feet .

    Another improvement I would like to see: A Control Surface with a USB hub built in. It would help clutter if the keyboard and mouse (to mention a few) was able to be plugged into the Control Surface.
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    I like this one too, we must both be webcast hypochondriacs .

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    I was thinking about multiple USB ports on the CS, either.

    And while thinking about some CS Features: What do you guys think about stepmotors on the T-Bars?
    Especially on the TCX8000, where you have to have multiple settings in mind, to not get confused, it would be nice, if the CS would represent _ALL_ settings exactly like the software does.
    IMHO, like on audiomixers the T-Bars should be motorized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoLO View Post
    IMHO, like on audiomixers the T-Bars should be motorized.
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