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Thread: Animate a cone opening / closing?

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    Animate a cone opening / closing?

    2nd curly question for the day:

    How to animate a cone (geometry) opening and closing?

    The problem with morphs is of course that the vertex transforms are linear. And of course what I want is a radial transform.


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    In what way do you want it to open?
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    Consider how the cone angle of a spotlight is animatable.
    With my cone mesh, of course, I wish to keep the length of the sides constant as the cone angle changes.

    (By 'open and close' I refer simply to varying the cone angle).

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    Use two morphs, one channel tied to the other. As the cone expands the length decreases.

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    If you're just wanting the cone to get wider/fatter, then that's a linear transform, morphs are fine.
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    Thanks guys!


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