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Thread: Best bkg gradient for changing later in post?

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    Question Best bkg gradient for changing later in post?

    Here's a puzzle:

    If you wanted to make a Background Gradient that you would render out later, to be comp'd behind some geometry, what colors would you use to maximize your flexibility in altering those colors during the compositing process?

    So, here's the scoop: I've rendered out an animation where the camera flys around a bit. I want to render out only the camera movement in relation to the background gradient, to be comp'd behind the geometry, thereby matching the gradient 'movement' to the movement of the geometry within the camera move.

    Then, using whatever appropriate tools in AE, I'll alter the gradient colors to suit the client's misguided wishes.

    But, which colors would give me the most flexible options when I'm doing the comp?

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    A black and white gradient and then use the Tint effect?
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