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Thread: IK-FK testing. Foot issue

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    IK-FK testing. Foot issue


    I uploaded a scene where I test a basic leg setup (no knee orientation, just testing fk). I'm not sure if it's okay although it works unless the foot. I canīt rotate when in fk. If I deactivate Match goal orientation for the IK goal it works but I would like t have this option and rotate the foot whe in fk
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    MGO isnt switchable. The way to do it is to setup a sibling reference bone that MGOs, and blend constrain the actual bone to this reference.

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    Sure.... I have to write a guide to orient me in all the info you offer in your videos. Now I see that... so many hours I have to see all the videos again and write where are those "little things" that made the rigging easier... thanks a lot again, RH


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