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Thread: Help. Lighting and Rendering issue!

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    Help. Lighting and Rendering issue!

    recently I have started to have this problem intermittently with a few different scenes.

    I have lights in the scene which exclude certain layers and objects.

    When i am ready to render, i move the project folder onto another computer. When i open the scene it seems the lights have un-ticked all of the excluded objects, so the scene is lit completely differently. I then need to go back into the light settings and re-tick all the objects that should be excluded.

    I am saving my work properly and it happens on different machines.

    I have no idea why this has started happening as i've been doing things this way for years.

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Just a guess, because I have no idea - Could it be that where you are moving your folder is not the same folder location as your Content Folder?
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    what version LW?
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