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Thread: Does the RS-8 require a SX-8 ?

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    Does the RS-8 require a SX-8 ?

    Hello All;
    I think my company goofed and ordered me a VT3 with RS-8 Switcher (Which I didn't order). I am curious if the RS-8 switcher is any good without the SX-8 breakout box (Which I'm sure they didn't order/receive) ? Since they ordered it from Safe Harbor, I would think that they would advice our buyer if the equipment they ordered wouldn't work well together.

    Instead of the SX-8, I had them order a mini-BOB.

    We actually want to do post production and not live switching, though if I can talk my group into it, T3 could be used to support our new distance learning facility.


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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and deduce that since the VT without a SX-8 is a single channel affair, the hardware switcher would be of no use to you...... HOWEVER, if you had multiple channels of DV input(s), you'd probably be able to use those thru the RS-8.
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    You need an SX-8 for the RS-8.

    Matt Drabick


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