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Thread: Ok to delete folders after project completion?

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    Ok to delete "NewTek Info" folders after project completion?


    i have noticed that these "NewTek Info" hidden folders all over the place on my VT3 system which appear to contain copies of various graphic/audio files. i think they are used for the icon images but i am not sure.

    What are the "NewTek Info" folders used for and what are contained in them?

    Is is ok to delete these folders after i am done with a project or should they be saved along with a project?

    I archive to cdrom or dvd or server all project files for my corporate clients except for the video files (too much to backup) in order to save from having to recreate everything on update and future projects. Is it ok to delete these folders to conserve space?
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    Thats where T3 stores any temp info. pics for icons, wav files that it renders from dv clips, thumbnails, i think rollover previews etc.

    you can delete them at any time, even during a project, T3 will just reload as needed, but this may cause a slight delay the first time it reloads.
    for example if you drop a dv clip on the timeline and 'wait' shows on the clip, its building the .wav file in the info folder. If you disrupt this process the first time, the audio will never play correctly, so you delete the incomplete .wav and let T3 recreate it.
    Sometimes strange anomalies can be corrected by deleting the folder and letting a rebuild happen.

    So yes, its safe to delete them.


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